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Pharmacy - workload pressure

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UK Pharmaceutical community seek support as workload pressures mount
– BIPWA’s response

According to a C+D poll conducted on the 23rd of August, nearly every 4 in 10 pharmacists in the UK pharmaceutical community have sought help for stress in the past year. Stress among pharmacists is on the rise on account of various reasons; the major reason is that quality time of pharmacists is spent on the phone speaking to suppliers in an attempt to source medication supplies. In the UK pharmaceutical community, this further leads to neglecting patients who cannot be attended to by the pharmacist due to insufficient time on their hands.

As far as the type of help sought after by pharmacists in the UK pharmaceutical community are concerned; a survey conducted this month by the GP magazine: Pulse – has come up with figures that suggest around 12% had sought help from pastoral or wellbeing services in the past year. Pharmacy leaders in the UK pharmaceutical community believe that it is the increased work pressures that have led to these findings. Rising prescription volumes and pressure to conduct services has inevitably led to the high stress levels among pharmacists, sector leaders told C+D.

Sourcing stock from drug companies has always been a strenuous exercise because of the restrictions placed on the UK pharmaceutical community. These vary from reasons as simple as National Stock shortages to even more technically challenging reasons put forth by the manufacturers. Medicines are reclassified as ‘Hospital Only or Homecare only”, without the requisite changes made to the Marketing Authorisation of the product.

Commenting on these work pressures, the director of the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) Mr. John Murphy said, “This pressure is the cancer within our profession. Employers just want to make as much money as possible from dispensing”. He went on to state that, “Unfortunately, it may be that it will take a major patient safety catastrophe for employers to take this issue seriously.” We add that the employers (the pharmacy owners; need not be pharmacists) have a smaller role to play in the bigger picture run by the pharmaceutical companies.

The Big Pharma in the UK pharmaceutical community maintain a stronghold on the supply chain through a monopolistic approach, which would be nullified if drugs were made available to all who need without the imposed restrictions. An instance of this work related stress can be better understood by the following real life account given by a Pharmacy technician in the UK. In his narration he calls the predicament that pharmacists find themselves in these days “appalling” with respect to the fact that since 1987, he has been a first-hand witness to “how things have changed and absolutely not for the better”. The most alarming part of the above account given by the pharmacy technician in question is that stress levels of working in a UK pharmaceutical community has led him to quit the profession.

BIPWA would like to implore all pharmacists in UK pharmaceutical community, not to quit when the going gets tough and instead take advantage of associations like itself, which are there to support them. If we voice our opinions and concerns together we can bring about a favourable change in the supply chain and as a result better support patients. Stay true to your profession by being a more informed pharmacist and instilling more faith into your patients. Utilise BIPWA’s un-matchable services in the UK pharmaceutical community and realise your pharmacy/wholesale units full potential. Ducking under the pressure and stress that goes with being a pharmacist in today’s day and age, leads to the detriment of patients’ health.

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