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Drugs shortages

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UK drugs shortages harming patients in 75% of cases
- BIPWA's response

A yearlong investigation conducted by Chemist and Druggists shows, on average, UK pharmacists are spending two working days a month at the least to chase drug manufacturers and wholesalers to acquire out-of-stock medicines. As a consequence of these shocking developments, pharmacies have reported 75% of patients suffering harm as a result of UK drugs shortages, a majority of which experienced moderate harm while 12% were noted to suffer severe harm.

In light of this flaw in the current functioning of the supply chain, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s spokesman Neal Patel has told ‘Pharma Times World News’ that the government must take decisive steps in order to ensure patient access to medicine as and when deemed necessary, in the fight to prevent UK drugs shortages.

Playing its part, the British Independent Pharmacy and Wholesale Association (BIPWA) aims to help the pharmaceutical profession alleviate the problems currently in the supply chain.

Pharmacies cannot meet their public service obligation to the health of their customers when UK drugs shortages mean they are unable to receive badly needed medications.

Keeping this in mind, BIPWA and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society are unanimous in agreeing that the current supply chain is in an unfit state, particularly with problems relating to UK drugs shortages. According to Mr. Patel, “Patients have endured the effects of a failing supply system for too long. Voluntary agreements have been signed between Government and others involved in the supply chain to improve access to medicines, the C and D survey shows we have seen no improvements at all”.

In his statement to Pharma Times, health minister Earl Howe said, “We know stock shortages are of great concern to pharmacy teams and I am grateful to Chemist and Druggist and its readers for making this information available. We will consider it carefully.”

BIPWA, reiterating Mr. Patel’s sentiments, calls on the UK government and regulatory bodies to be sure footed in their approach to solve the ever increasing supply chain restrictions in UK drugs shortages before they reach unmanageable levels and more patients suffer.

Source: [size=85]http://www.pharmatimes.com/article/13-12-03/UK_drug_shortages_harming_patients_in_75_of_cases.aspx[/size]
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