Pharmacy profession-in need of a PR strategy ?

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Pharmacy profession-in need of a PR strategy ?

Postby B100084 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:59 pm

Celesio’s UK managing director Cormac Tobin in a chat with C+D voiced his opinion about the distasteful media frenzy surrounding UK pharmacists by stating that although the few in the pharmacy profession who were accused of doing “bad things” needed to be exposed, some of the newspaper reports were “sensationalising and creating distrust and worry”.

“Our industry is suffering a PR dilemma. I don’t really know who represents that PR element of it. Pharmacy needs to look seriously at how it’s represented”, Mr Tobin concluded.

The British Independent Pharmacy And Wholesale Association works towards protecting the interests of pharmacies and wholesalers who are involved in the medicine supply chain.

‘Wholesalers and pharmacists’ have been at the receiving end of this debacle; as due to extensive baseless negative media reports public perception has attributed the fault of the issues to the majority of wholesalers and pharmacists who are legally engaged in the import and export of medication.

BIPWA helps pharmacies and wholesalers continue to conduct business that improves not only the supply chain but adds value to the health of UK patients.

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